Add a new line in cell formula in Excel

If you want to add line break inside the formula, you have to add the break line character to a formula.

We are going to merge these three columns with some text and insert this into a single column. Next, we add a page break in order to make them more readable.

Copy the following example.

First Name Last Name Location
John Doe New York
Mark Snow Warsaw
Jack Shadow Berlin

Add a new line to a cell formula

  1. Create a new column and name it Formula.
  2. Inside D2, enter the following formula:
="First Name: "&A2& ", Last Name: "&B2&", Location: "&C2.
  1. Autofill cells D3 and D4. All cells are written into a single line, even if you stretch the row.

  1. Select all cells in column D and Click Home >> Alignment >> Wrap Text.
  2. The last thing you have to do, it to add break line character CHAR(10) for Windows or CHAR(13) for Mac into your formula.
="First Name: "&A2& ", "&CHAR(10)&"Last Name: "&B2&", "&CHAR(10)&"Location: "&C2
  1. Now, the text is separated by the CHAR(10) character and entered into multiple lines.