Move Sheet Shortcut in Excel

In this lesson, I’ll show you a few ways you can use keyboard shortcuts or navigation shortcuts to move sheets and navigate them.

First, create a new workbook and add two additional worksheets.

Switching sheets

In order to switch between sheets, to the previous one you can use the following keyboard shortcut.

Ctrl + PgUp

If you want to move to the next sheet, use this shortcut.

Ctrl + PgDown

If you reached the first worksheet, you can’t go to the last by pressing Ctrl + PgUp, and if you are on the last, you can’t go to the first one, by pressing Ctrl + PgDown.

Move or copy sheet

There is no standard keyboard shortcut to move or copy sheets, but you can use the Ribbon shortcuts. Press the following keys, one after another.

Alt >> E

This will activate Office access keys.

Press m to open the Move or Copy window.