Excel VBA Type

In VBA, you can create your own data types using the Type keyword. It’s very similar to struct data type from other programming…

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VBA range set value

The range object in VBA represents a range of cells on a worksheet. It can consist of multiple cells, as well as a…

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VBA Save as

In order to save a workbook in VBA, use Alt + F11 and enter the following code.

This procedure will save the…

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VBA read a text file

In this lesson, I’ll show you two methods you can use to read files. The first one will read a file line by…

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VBA find last column

In this lesson, I presented a few ways to get the last column number. The first methods are easy, but then the code…

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VBA sort range

In order to sort data inside a range in VBA, you have to use the following code.

This code will give you…

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