Inserting cells

When you work with Excel, sooner or later you will need to insert additional cells within those that you have already created. Of course you can move contents of these cells to make a place for the new data, but there is another, faster method which I will show you how to do it in the following example.


Example 1:

To insert the cells inside a worksheet, first select the region where you want to put them, then right-click on the selection and choose Insert.

Figure 1  - Selecting place to insert new cells.


When you choose this option, a window will appear. You have four options to choose from. Excel sets the option, which it considers as the most likely in this case. In our example the default option Shift cells right is the option we want.

Figure 2  - Shift cells right.


After the cells are shifted to the right, the new blank cells appear inside the table.

Figure 3  - Cells shifted to the right.


Example 2:

In the second example, we will insert new cells under the days of the week. Select cells from C3 to E3. Right-click and then select Insert. This time, Excel also guessed correctly. We want the cells to be shifted down.

Figure 4  - Shift cells down.


Figure 5  - Cells shifted down.


When you insert new cells, it will inherit cell formatting from the cells above or from these to the left, depending on where you've inserted the new cells.

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