VBA sort range

In order to sort data inside a range in VBA, you have to use the following code.

This code will give you…

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Check cell color in VBA

Each color in Excel has its index. You can get both background and font color with a shortcode. Let’s use the following example…

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Add text to cell in Excel

You can add text to a cell using ampersand “&”. First, find a cell you want to add text to. Next, enter the…

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Excel Add text based on cell value

To display text based on another cell, you have to use the conditional function IF.

The function displays the value in the…

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Convert yyyymmdd to date

There are at least two ways to convert yyyymmdd to date – a formula and text to columns wizard.

or with only…

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Add text to date cell in excel

In order to add text to date in Excel, enter the following formula.

This formula adds date formatted as text into the…

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